Sex work in Las Vegas: Top five facts

Sex work in Las Vegas: Top five facts

Many people think that Las Vegas is the place to go when you want to have fun with sex workers. In fact, the sex work industry is among the things that make this city unusual together with porno-culture trends. Nevada may be considered as the only state where prostitution is legal. However, prostitution is not legal in Las Vega. But, illegal prostitution generally flourishes in the State of Nevada.

Commercial sex is provided by adults and juveniles. Some of them are exploited or marginalized in different ways. But, the available data on the industry is limited and this creates a guesswork room. Nevertheless, there are facts that relate to sex work in Las Vegas.

Here are the top five facts about sex work in Las Vegas:

  1. Illegal prostitution continues to flourish in Las Vegas. This happens in form of independent female escorts that work in casinos, bars, and nightclubs. It’s also seen in form of street prostitution, “house” prostitution in casino high-rollers, as well as juvenile prostitution. There are also speculations that modern slavery and human trafficking happens in Las Vegas.

Despite being illegal, commercial sex work continues to be sold outdoors and indoors. There are prostitutes that work outdoors and they are located at certain geographic areas. These earn less and they are subjected to higher risks of arrest and violence. The total number of the sex workers that work in the streets is unknown. However, the number of prostitutes in the streets of Las Vegas is higher than that of sex workers


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